Riley Club Russian Pyramid

The Riley Club was created to reproduce the key elements for which Riley tables, past and present, are world renowned.

Made in England, the Riley Club combines  tradition with contemporary styling, delivering a new generation of table that will fit into any environment.

Products Description

RC-RUSPYR 72Dpi_BillboardDesigned with the club market in mind, Riley have created a look and style that will enhance any club or indeed grace any billiard room, where budget is more of a focus.

Even at this level, Riley puts the player first. Provide the best possible playing experience by selecting the optional Riley V1 Steel Block Cushion System. Demanded by top snooker professionals for decades, these cushions provide an accurate and consistent response along their whole length enabling the player to raise their game to the highest level.RClubRP_0007_RCP-12B_1 copy 7

We manufacture this table in England, using the production methods that we have developed continuously over more than 100 years. Attention to detail, quality, precision – the trademarks of an English made Riley table and now available at prices to suit everybody

Wood type and cushion frieze

RClubRP_0006_RCP-12B_1 copy 6Manufactured from the finest hand selected solid woods throughout with the unique Riley wooden cushion construction. Optionally, you can choose to have V1 steel block cushions: only the finest English made steels are used to build the cushion frieze. This ensures a precision response from each cushion.

RClubRP_0005_RCP-12B_1 copy 5Riley use a manufacturing technique in the cushions that has been the same for almost 100 years, often overlooked and dismissed as unimportant by competing brands.


Riley use precision engineered, 2.5 cm thick slate. Five pieces of slate cut from one slab to ensure consistency when the slates are laid down.  No filler, no joints, no lips.  Just one seamless slate playfield. Our table frames are designed with the unique Riley RClubRP_0004_RCP-12B_1 copy 4adjustable slate support system. These ensure that the slate is properly balanced to the frame and that the weight of the table is evenly distributed – this is key to keeping the table level over time.

Cushion Rubber

Highest quality Dybior speed ball Russian Pro Pyramid Rubber – the balls used for Pyramid are larger than snooker balls and the rubber has to be carefully selected to provide optimum reponse throughout the lenght of the tableRClubRP_0003_RCP-12B_1 copy 3

Pocket Leathers

The pockets are made using English Cow hide leather to ensure maximum durability while at the same time providing a very fine quality leather that is soft to the touch yet does not crack under use.

The Cloth

RClubRP_0002_RCP-12B_1 copy 2Russian Pyramid requires a very fast, worsted cloth – hence we use Simonis 760 Cloth, this provides the perfect playing surface.

– Manufactured from only the finest hand selected hard woods throughout the table

– Simonis 760 Cloth

– Highest quality Italian slate – laser cut, five piece and 2.5cm thick.RClubRP_0001_RCP-12B_1 copy

– Option: Riley V1 Steel Block Cushions

– Pocket leathers made from hand selected English Cow hide leather

– Premium Dybior Pro Pyramid cushion material for consistent bounce and maximum lifespan.

Sizes Availabale 8ft – 12ft


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Product Features:

Table Size: 8ft, 9ft, 10ft, 12ft
Table Color: Brown, Black, White
Cloth Color: Simonis 760 Cloth
Delivery time: 8-10 weeks
Accessories Available: Riley accessories kit