Riley Ray American Pool

Inspired by nature, crafted with traditional values and delivering a state of the art playing experience, the Riley Ray, designed to mimic the flowing curves of a manta ray, is one of the most stunning tables that we have ever produced – One that will be at home in even the most opulent environment.

The Riley Ray 9Ft American Pool Table is manufactured using production methods that Riley have developed continuously over more than 100 years. The same attention to detail, quality and precision, but combined with cutting edge design that makes this table the perfect choice for the serious player with an eye for contemporary style.

Available in 9ft and a choice of white or black finishes.

Products Description


Riley use a diamond honed, precision engineered, 2.5 cm thick slate. Sourced by our design engineers to own our exacting standards, this is the best slate available in the World today for a table at this price.

Three pieces of slate cut from one slab to ensure consistency when the slates are laid down. No filler, no joints, no lips, just one seamless slate playfield.

Our table frames are designed with the unique Riley easy slate leveling system in the sub frame. This has individual leveling points and allows the slate to be easily adjusted simply using a screwdriver.


RRAYAP_4Cushions and Pockets

The Riley Ray is fitted with flat competition style bucket pockets as specified for all professional tournaments. The corners are finished in chrome, engraved with the Ray logo – it is little touches like this that lift the Ray above its competitors.

We use championship rubber for all of the cushions to provide the best possible ball response. As you would expect, the cushion profile is cut to American Pool specifications, designed to be used with full size balls.


RRAYAP_6Table Construction

The Ray has a Ply Wood lattice frame construction with a 46mm Solid wood top rail with Formica finish to ensure maximum lifespan and durability. Top rails are also scratch resistant and marked with traditional table sights.


The cloth

Especially for American Pool players, we have sourced a range of the finest worsted cloths. Available in a wide range of colours – personalise your table for a unique look.


Overall Size (9Ft): 114.5” x 64.5” x 32.5”   (290.83 x 163.83 x 82.55 cm)

Playfield Size (9Ft): 100” x 50”   (223.52 x 111.76 cm)



• 46mm Solid wood Top Rail with Formica finish.

• Riley K Series Cushion Rubber

• Modern Aluminium Trim & Chrome Pocket Plates

• Ply Wood Internal Frame Construction

• Integrated Slate Levelling System

• Tournament Drop Pockets

• 1” (25mm) 3 Piece Slate

• Complete with Cloth & Accessories

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Product Features:

Delivery time: 6-8 weeks