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Do you want to sell your Billiard Table in Cyprus?
We sell and Buy Billiard Tables since 1993!!

Why buy a used pool table?
There are good reasons to buy used pool tables instead of new. Some of the used pool tables available are in good playing conditions. They also cost 40% to 70% cheaper than the new tables.

Why buy from us?
We actively acquire good quality used pool tables for re-sale in Cyprus. These tables are selected through physical inspection and testing prior to proper packing and transport. We assured billiard tables for sale in this website are in good playing conditions. We do not deal with non-slate tables due to their poor durability. Some pool table owners had contacted us to help them sell their tables, these tables can be available for viewing if they are not packed for storage.

If you like to sell your used pool table to us or sell through through this site, contact us for more information

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